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Summer Review
Marsha Martin

The Summer Review books are a series of workbooks designed to help students review and maintain skills during summer vacation, other school breaks, or whenever review is needed.  During the summer months your child should work through the workbooks for the grade just completed.     

Welcome to Summer Review

The Word Review series is a review of spelling words, reading vocabulary, and writing assignments. The Third, Fourth, and Fifth Grade workbooks include reading passages with comprehension questions. The Fourth and Fifth Grade workbooks contain challenge words.

The Summer Math Review series is being developed as well as the Summer Word Review series in Spanish. Watch for additional workbooks as they become available.

Benefits of our Workbooks

The Summer Word Review and Summer Math Review series for Kindergarten through Fifth Grade are designed as a review to ensure readiness for the next grade level. While ideally the workbooks may be completed during school breaks, they may be used at any time during the year for extra practice or tutoring.  These series are also excellent for homeschooled students.

The workbooks are appropriate for gifted and honor students to splash forward working ahead.  They are great for average students who need to maintain skills.  They are also excellent for students who are behind and need extra help to reach grade-level expectations. Each workbook has excellent tips to parents to empower their children to learn more effectively.  One workbook costs less than a tutoring session.

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Kindergarten Summer Word Review

First Grade Summer Word Review

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Third Grade Summer Word Review

Fourth Grade Summer Word Review

Fifth Grade Summer Word Review

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