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The Summer Review books are a series of workbooks designed to help students review and maintain skills during summer vacation, other school breaks, or whenever review is needed.  During the summer months your child should work through the workbooks for the grade just completed.     

Summer Review Club

When you buy one of your workbooks we consider you part of our Summer Review Club. Feel free to share with us comments and/or questions you may have by sending us an email to or by using our website Contact Us form.

Summer Review Club also provides periodically thoughts, ideas, or tips to parents or students.

Improving Visual Reading

Whether your child is a young, emergent reader or an older, struggling reader, some of the same strategies can be very beneficial.  For those who continue to have reading difficulties, point out that many famous people have shared their dilemma.  Henry Winkler (the Fonz), Jay Leno, Sylvester Stallone (Rocky), and many others have openly spoken of experiencing reading and other learning difficulties.

Often older children, teenagers, and adults feel too embarrassed to implement strategies associated with helping youngsters learn to read.  Those who willingly apply strategies are able to compensate for their deficits.  Reading has many components such as phonics (sounding out letters, blends, and words), sight vocabulary (memory of words), comprehension (understanding meaning of the text), and fluency (rate of speed, accuracy, and expression when reading).

For many people the most complex skill is phonics, due to the many rules, sound combinations, and various languages which have contributed to the English language over the centuries.  Most people can recognize common business logos and other environmental print.  It would be rare for an adult in the United States not to recognize a stop sign.  Considering this, sight word vocabulary can be increased by implementing visual strategies.

By reading logos, demonstrate to the student that he or she is already a reader.  In a non-threatening manner begin to point out more environmental print on road signs, billboards, and on merchandise packages.  The student should be able to recognize store names, product brands, food labels, and other favorites.

Assist the student in learning words which have significance to him or her.  Also teach words of high frequency which appear often (a, the, to, me, stop, men, women).  A few notecards may be used for practicing mastery of words.  Build on what the student already knows.  Glass markers are excellent for writing words on mirrors and windows.

Do not fuss at the student or offer critical words, as this will cause fear and anxiety of reading.  If the student needs to read aloud or be responsible for knowledge of content, practice ahead of time with multiple rereads and discussion of word meanings.

Turn on the closed captions to your television.  Encourage the student to look at the printed text on the monitor while listening to the dialogue.  Provide reading material which is of high interest to the student.  Words set to a musical tune help many struggling students learn to read.  If a student is memorizing the text, it is important to monitor that the correct word is being viewed as it is being called out.  Assist your child in writing what he or she wants to express.  Then, help the student learn to read what he or she has written.

Use books, articles, or other reading material which is at the student’s instructional level (not too easy and not too difficult).  Have the student track the words (point to the words) as you read to the student.  Next, have the student choral or duet read together with you.  Then, have the student read the material to you.  Gently whisper any words the student forgets or reads incorrectly.  Praise, encourage, and cheer on the student for efforts and progress towards improvement.  Reading success begins with building confidence.

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